Basic Tips - Homeowners New to the Staging Method

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Basic Tips for Homeowners New to the Staging Method 

The vast majority of homeowners don't have the experience or knowledge to stage their homes properly. Fortunately, with the right strategies and resources, it’s an easy method to learn. Staging your house for showings and listing photos can lead to quicker sales and higher selling prices. The entire process revolves around the premise that presenting your home in an ideal light is the best way to encourage homebuyers to make an offer on your property. It’s a method that’s been used with great results for countless sellers around the country. So, here are some basic tips for homeowners new to the staging process.

Take Time to Depersonalize

Before taking photos of your home or opening your doors for a showing, take time to depersonalize the common spaces in your home. Take down all of your personal photos and redo any spaces that are unique to your specific taste. It's critical that your home has a neutral feel during an open house to appeal to a wider group of people. Always keep in mind that potential visitors will have different tastes than you.

Declutter Your House Thoroughly

Decluttering is another critical component that needs to take place early on in the staging process. You can start by gathering all of the odds-and-ends in your home that aren’t going to be left out for the open house. It’s up to you whether this clutter will be taken to the new home or gotten rid of entirely. Keep in mind that everything you’re able to donate or throw away during the staging process is one less item you have to mess with come moving day.

Maximize Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Although staging focuses primarily on the interior of your home, it's important to not neglect the exterior. The front of your property is the first image potential buyers will have of your home and will set the foundation for their overall opinion. To make the best first impression possible, you need to maximize your homes curb appeal by curate your landscaping, cutting the front lawn, giving your front door a fresh paint, and other touch-ups.

Use Natural Lighting

Everything looks more attractive and pristine when soaked in natural lighting. Hosting your showing or taking photos of your home during sunrise or sunset can help maximize its appeal with the perfect amount and projection of natural light. The timing of your open house could mean the difference between everything looking washed out and unclear and your entire staging efforts being optimized visually.

Work with a Local Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are your greatest ally when selling a home. They're experts in the field and can give you suggestions to improve your staging efforts. Local agents are particularly helpful due to their expertise in your area's real estate market. They'll know what homebuyers in the area are looking for specifically and can tailor your home to meet those expectations.

Attend Nearby Open Houses

It's not easy for the average homeowner to handle the more creative elements of staging, such as choosing color schemes, arranging furniture, and other detailed aspects. However, attending local open houses is a great way to get your creative juices flowing with some fresh ideas and inspiration. Don't be wary of attending a showing as a fellow home seller; generally speaking, the owners shouldn't mind. Make sure to remember the things you liked about each showing and incorporate those elements into your own staging endeavors.

Staging is an integral component of the selling process, and it can make a real difference in the amount of time your house is sold and the price for which it sells. Given enough resources and time, any homeowner can optimize their home through their staging efforts.