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The new year is here and for many, like me, health & fitness goals are on your list of things to work on or change in the coming year.  But first health and fitness goals have to be set.  Here are some tips for setting those goals.  

1 Get specific. You can’t work toward a goal if you’re not sure what it is. Make it clear exactly what you plan to do. 

2 Be realistic. Don’t plan a marathon if you’ve never run before. Realistic means achievable.

3 Challenge yourself. Select something you’re about 85 percent sure you can do.

4 Set long- and short-term goals. Short-term goals should lead gradually to your larger, long-term goal.

5 Write your goals down. You can look at them when your motivation sags to remind you where you’re headed.

6 Develop goal-achievement strategies. For example, if you want to quit smoking, read up on the current medications and look into support groups.

7 Consider your personality. Tailor your tools and strategies to your needs, ability level and interests.

8 Develop commitment. This means you stick to your game plan in good times and in bad.

9 Gather support. Surround yourself with enthusiastic, supportive people, even if it means meeting some new ones.

10 Evaluate your progress. Constant evaluation keeps setbacks in perspective – when viewed against the bigger picture, these events lose their devastating power. Expect the unexpected -- and make adjustments in response.

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Wishing all a healthy 2020!

Susan Durfee