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Hurlburt Field is located on the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Panhandle, 35 miles east of Pensacola. Hurlburt Field is very close to Eglin AFB.

This area is also known as the Emerald Coast and is a major tourist attraction for its breathtaking white beaches and the emerald green waters.

Hurlburt Field is home to the Air Force Special Operations Command and the 1st Special Operations Wing and has a long and distinctive history


Hurlburt Field ID/CAC Card Processing

(850) 884-5322

Hurlburt Field Chaplain and Religious Services

(850) 884-7795

Hurlburt Field Finance Office

(850) 884-4110

Hurlburt Field Education Office

(850) 884-6724

Hurlburt Field Household Goods/Transportation Office

(850) 884-6051



Eglin Air Force Base is located in northwest Florida, comprising over 640 square miles. This is a military friendly area and also a major tourist attraction due to the white sand beaches. Eglin is located 60 miles east of Pensacola, FL.

BRAC 2005 is expected to make a major impact on Eglin and the surrounding infrastructure as the overall base population will increase to around 38,000 by 2015. Military Construction will total over $732 million.


Eglin Air Force Base ID/CAC Card Processing

(850) 882-2742

Eglin Air Force Base Information and Referral Services

(850) 882-9060

Eglin Air Force Base Commissary

(850) 609-3172

Eglin Air Force Base Finance Office

(850) 882-5441

Eglin Air Force Base Legal Services/JAG

(850) 882-4611



NAS Pensacola is located in the panhandle of Northwest Florida. The installation covers a total of 8,423 acres of land - 5,804 acres at NAS Pensacola proper, and over 2,500 acres at other locations.

NAS Pensacola was the first Naval Air Station commissioned by the U.S. Navy in 1914. Tens of thousands Naval Aviators have received their training there including John H. Glenn, USMC who became the first American to orbit the earth in 1962 and Neil Armstrong who became the first man to set foot on the moon in 1969.


Naval Air Station Pensacola Base Contact Info

(850) 452-2552

Naval Air Station Pensacola ID/CAC Card Processing

(850) 452-3617

Naval Air Station Pensacola Chaplain and Religious Services

(850) 452-2341

Naval Air Station Pensacola Transition Assistance Program

(850) 452-5990

Naval Air Station Pensacola Commissary

(850) 262-9200


Naval Air Station Whiting Field

Naval Air Station Whiting Field is located in Milton, Florida and is the busiest Naval Air Station in the world.  It occupies approximately 12,000 acres, including 13 outlying fields with three separate and fully operational airfields.  

NAS Whiting Field's mission is to produce the military’s best trained “Aviation Warfighter. NAS Whiting Field is where the future of Naval Aviation begins. As the host of 21 tenant activities, including the Training Air Wing FIVE who produces over 1,200 pilots a year.


NASP Corry Station

Corry Station is part of the greater NAS Pensacola installation, located 3 miles from NAS Pensacola’s main gate. Corry Station is a gated complex, home to several information warfare community training and operational commands, a field office of the Department of Homeland Security, a reserve Army command, as well as MWR and Navy Exchange facilities.


Saufley Field

Saufley Field has been in the supporting cast of Navy Pensacola’s long-running drama, “Cradle of Naval Aviation,” for more than 50 years.